The goal of Vinterra Consulting is to assist wineries and viticulturists with the selection, development, and promotion of premier vineyard sites.

New Vineyard Sites
Established Vineyards and Wineries
Wineries, Wine Promotion and Appreciation Groups

New Vineyard Sites

Are you searching for land to establish a vineyard? Do you own land and are considering planting a vineyard? Determining the site of your new vineyard is perhaps the single most important (and most committing) decision that you will make. As such, it requires thoughtful consideration based on all available data.

Services offered by Vinterra
  • Guided excursions designed to orient potential vineyard owners to the general terroir of the area, emphasizing macro-scale variability.
  • Analysis of the terroir of potential or existing vineyard sites including slope, aspect, soils, geology, and macro- and micro-climate.
  • Collection and analysis of soil samples.
  • Description of soil profiles as revealed in backhoe trenches.
  • Set-up and monitoring of macro- and micro-scale climate monitoring devices.
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Established Vineyards and Wineries - Terroir Education and Promotion

Do you have an established vineyard and want to understand its variations and maximize its potential? Would you like to have a more thorough understanding of the terroir of your vineyards to better promote your wines? What makes your vineyards unique? Detailed knowledge of the terroir of your source vineyards helps you to explain the unique qualities of your wines.

Services offered by Vinterra
  • Accurate and detailed descriptions of the terroir of an AVA or vineyard, including maps and figures, for promotion and marketing.
  • Lectures, PowerPoint presentations, and guided excursions to educate winery and tasting room employees on the terroir of an AVA or individual vineyard.
  • Production of detailed vineyard maps on a topographic or digital elevation model base.
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Wineries, Wine Promotion and Appreciation Groups - Speaking Engagements

Does your business or group need a terroir-themed lecture for a special event or meeting? Dr. Kevin Pogue of Vinterra Consulting has over 20 years of college teaching experience and can tailor a lecture to suit your needs.

Examples of lecture topics
  • Terroir of Your AVA
  • Climate of Your Region as it Relates to Viticulture
  • Geology of Your Region as it Relates to Viticulture
  • The Missoula floods and Viticulture
  • Terroir of other regions of the world (e.g. Rhone Valley, Bordeaux, etc.)
  • The Meaning of Terroir
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Backhoe PitInspecting a backhoe pit


Digital elevation model of the Walla Walla AVA by Vinterra.


Glacial erratic at Woodward Canyon Vineyards.






Missoula flood deposits in the Walla Walla Valley.

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